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About average crop condition recorded in mid-to-early March 2021 in China

March 30, 2021

During the period from Mar. 6th to 21st, 2021, most of the winter wheat in the north was in the regreening and rising stage, only some of it in the northern Xinjiang and the east of Northwest China was still in overwintering stage. The jointing-stage winter wheat was mostly in Jianghuai, Jianghan and partly in Huanghuai. While the winter wheat was mostly in the heading and flowering stage in Southwest China, it even entered the milk-ripe stage in some parts of Yunnan.

As far as the national situation is concerned, except for some area in central China and North China where the temperature is close to the average level of the same period of past 15 years, most other areas are generally 0.5-4.0 ℃ higher than the average. Although the precipitation in some areas in South China and Southwest China is slightly lower than the average level, the other areas are close to or higher than the average. However, the radiation in most areas of China was significantly lower than the average level. The higher temperature and the suitable precipitation in the northern agricultural region in March were beneficial to the growth of winter wheat, which greatly improved the growth of summer grain. During the monitoring period, the growth of crops in most agricultural areas of China is close to the normal level, and the growth of partly summer grain in Hebei, Anhui and other places is higher than the average level. However, the low precipitation in early March and below-average radiation in middle March in some areas also led to the growth of summer grain in the middle and northwest of Shandong Province is still lower than the average level. In a word, the general growth of summer grain is good.

Figure 1: NDVI departure from 5 years average (2021.3.6 - 2021.3.21)