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Average crop condition in China as of mid-August, 2015

September 01, 2015

Wheat: Spring wheat was at maturity to harvesting stage at mid-August. Overall, crop growing conditions were below the recent five-year average. In Central and Western Inner Mongolia, especially in Hohhot and neighboring regions (such as Ulan Qab), crop condition is below average due to the significantly below average rainfall. In addition, unfavorable agro-climatic conditions also resulted in below average crop condition in the northern part of Ningxia, Gansu and Shaanxi.

Rice: Over the reporting period, rice condition in southern China was below the five-year average while rice in Northeast China was fair. The crop is in poor condition in Southwest China due to excess rainfall, with a marked drop in radiation. In most of lower Yangtze region, crop condition was close to average in spite of heavy rainfall.

Maize: Spring maize was at grain-filling to milking stage and summer maize was at flowering stage during the monitoring period. Generally, crop condition was average compared to the previous five years. Rainfall was significantly below average from June in North China, Loess region and Northeast China. The resulting maize condition was below the five-year average in northern Shanxi, southwestern Liaoning and central Inner Mongolia.

Soybean: Overall, soybean is in fair condition. Due to shortage of precipitation, below average crops occur in central Jilin and regions near trijunction of Helongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia.